Semalt: Everything You Must Know About Malware and Computer Viruses

If you observe that your computer device is not functioning properly or many of its files get corrupted, then it's the sign that malware or viruses infect your system. While various viruses pose the high risk to your privacy and personal data, some forms of malware may impact your marketing and advertising tools to a great extent. They slow down your system and damage many of your files. Thus, it is important to install an antivirus software so that you don't get trapped online and stay safe round the clock.

Julia Vashneva, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, presents the following five tips to avoid computer viruses and malware.

Pay Attention to Your Downloads

Adobe and various software need regular updates. Every time you install software, make sure you are paying attention to what you are downloading. Bundles of tools and programs are available on the internet, making us confused about what to select. While choosing an antivirus program, you should always make sure that you download your tools only from official websites and online sources. Do not let those programs drain your valuable sources by installing some low-quality software. Many times, advertisements ask you to click on the toolbars and other similar links. It is better to stay away from them as they can damage your files and are not included in the real-download programs.

Don't Fall for Fake Virus Alerts

All of us get fake virus alerts, and various people become victims of them on a daily basis. While using the internet, you will see a lot of pop-up windows asking you to download programs and toolbars. Let me here tell you that those are good for nothing. The hackers trap you using those fake virus alerts and infect your devices. Most of the ads appear on suspicious and adult websites, so it is better that you don't click their links and close those windows as early as possible.

Protect Your Devices with Antivirus

It's true that all of us need antivirus programs and anti-malware tools to stay safe on the internet. Frankly speaking, most of those tools provide you with limited options. We recommend you to install simple software suites to combat malware, viruses, and adware. BitDefender is a good example, this tool scans and protects your computer and helps you get rid of all pieces of viruses and malware. You may download it from the internet, and the software comes free of cost. You can also try Disconnect and AdBlock Plus.

Keep Windows and Defender Up-to-date

Many people ignore the fact that keeping windows updated is very important. You should not ignore the requests to restart your device as it can cause serious problems for you. Set a day once a month to reinstall your windows and keep things up to date. This will help you get rid of viruses and malware to a great extent.

Don't Use Internet Explorer

Gone are the days when Internet Explorer was considered the best browser. These days, people give high preference to Google Chrome, Firefox, and other similar browsers. Different reports reveal that Internet Explorer is one of the riskiest browsers that can damage your operating system. That is why you should never install and use it. Instead, you can try Edge and Opera that guarantee your online protection.